Our Vision

To create a country and a world where our indigenous roots and the artisanal work are valued and sold at a fair price.

Our vision at Khoti is a society in which the indigenous and the artisanal are appreciated for their great aesthetic, cultural, and social value. At Khoti we want the Ñäñho artisans and other indigenous groups in Mexico to have the same opportunities as any other Mexican. Nowadays it is common to hear about indigenous poverty, of indigenous educational or social problems. We want it to be as common or more common to hear about the great indigenous cultural value, the beauty of Mexican handicrafts, and the ingenuity of indigenous artisans in Mexico. That is why with our blog and social networks we intend to promote content that speaks of the great value of indigenous and artisanal groups in Mexico, with an emphasis on the Ñäñho group.
We have a vision at Khoti that Mexican artisans have all the tools they need so that they can have a successful business in a 21st century economy. That is why we want to continuously bring workshops to the community in which we work. With some extra knowledge about business, logistics, marketing, and technology, we believe that artisans can reach their full potential. We know that they are small growth opportunities but we believe that with knowledge comes power and that every small step in the right direction is a necessary step.

Our economic system values ​​what is produced fast, cheap, and in bulk. We want to promote what is produced slowly but with great dedication, of great value that goes beyond the economic, and what is unique. We want a Ñäñho handicraft to be seen as a unique piece that carries in it the threads of millenary cultures and with it also a value that goes beyond a monetary price. We see in the future a society that is proud to wear a handmade garment and that sees in it more value than any other garment produced abroad in mass. Through our online store we hope that Ñäñho handicrafts can be easily accessible to everyone.
We also see in our vision an international reach. We believe that Mexico has much to contribute to the world and that our handicrafts are one of our commodities with greater value. That is why our online sales will have an international reach. We believe that we can get to a point where Mexico is known for the beauty of its textiles and not for the deaths of its wars.

Our vision is a profound change in our society, how we think of indigenous groups and how indigenous groups live their reality. We want to reach a deep understanding of the problems we face so that we can also contribute to a change, always recognizing the autonomy of indigenous groups and that the change comes from them. We recognize that we accompany and contribute to our own measure but that change can and will come from the original peoples. This is our vision. Will you join us?

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