Solidarity is our Model

Khoti is an initiative that seeks to implement fair trade and generate growth opportunities for Mexican families of Ñäñho artisans. The basic tenet is simple: paying what is fair for the products we sell. By doing this, Khoti will address issues of inequality and exploitation, giving artisans the opportunity to invest in their families and communities. 

We work with artisans from an indigenous community in the center of Mexico. The "Ñäñho" artisans we work with are located in San Idelfonso Tultepec in the municipality of Amealco in Querétaro. They are all women. Some of them are mothers and wives, some are young and some are wise, but all of them deserve a fair price for their products.

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These scarves are only available in Germany. One side of the scarf is made of manta, which is a natural fabric made of crude unbleached (100%) cotton. The other side with the design has a fabric made of 80% polyester, 20% cotton with the thread that makes the design being acrylic. 

More than just a business

Khoti is not just a business. It is a multi-faceted project that seeks to create social change as much as ensuring economic solvency.

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