About us

Our Story

Khoti is an initiative that seeks to create change through the fair trade of handmade Mexican products. The basic tenet is simple: paying what is fair for the products we sell. By doing this, Khoti will address issues of inequality and exploitation, giving artisans the opportunity to invest in their families and communities.

Khoti is not just a business. It is a multi-faceted project that seeks to create social change. 

Khoti was born in June of 2018. Founder Samuel Gracida had the idea to support the indigenous artisans he had seen for many years in the center of Queretaro, the city where he used to live. The realization of this dream was Khoti, a project that seeks not only to help artisans, but to help them help themselves. The artisans we work with are agents of change and women with a vision. At Khoti we seek to empower them by giving them the opportunity to offer their product to the whole world at a price that is fair for everybody.

I believe that in the abilities and potential of these artisans and at Khoti we will do our best to bring their work into the world.

Our Mission

To implement fair trade and to generate growth opportunities for Mexican families of Ñäñho artisans.

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Our Vision

To create a country and a world where our indigenous roots and the artisanal work are valued and sold at a fair price.

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